Monday, 4 May 2009

a time and another time, and another time. And then we celebrate that time.

After my interview, we went to Jo allens. All I had eaten that day was liqorish. I was weak and constipated. Jo allens is an american diner that has been open for a long time. They have one in NY, that was the first. All the 'film stars' would go there and eat after thier premiers. London decided to open one, and the same sort of thing happend - but a lower class of people would fill it. They have the best cheese burger and handcut fries. One of the things that makes it so special is - it's not on the menu. You have to KNOW about it. So you ask for cheese burger and chips and they say 'ok' - even though they dont apperantly sell it. I dont eat beef- So i said - 'Hello, do you have any chicken breast. And if you do, could i have it in a bun with saled. And chips.'

After we'd finished the meal, i got a great call from a bird - e. I then went to the toilet and noticed my butt had grown. We left when i got back from the toilet.

If you are taking pictures while having fun, you ruin the fun, because you are just taking pictures the whole time.



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