Wednesday, 16 September 2009


now now don't be afraid kids. don't move to Mallorca although you would really love to and maybe / possibly defiantly that might just be for the best - oh remember the days when a loverly new black Parisian black coat walking down past you yes sitting on that corner road in your favorite caf, eating your favorite food - that is what you found exciting,  - maybe the thought of someone telling you that they don't just like that coat, but they designed the coat t00 - maybe that doesn't sound so exciting anymore - maybe that just sounds boring now - and maybe you want to dump your partner and find someone who is a LITTLE MORE INTERESTING than what you had in mind.. no?

Friday, 14 August 2009

oh Jeebs

I have just realised, that - i am going to soon. . . a differant world is soon arriving , and am i excited? Yes. But i need the energy, the energy that makes you move - gives your ears a little less gas - i am so intrigued on who invented the simplicity of reading such a great book. I work in such a small little shop that neveer gets even 1 or two customer - all day, although i do only do 4 to 5 hours- in where i drown my surrows and think of my day ahead, usually do mesmorised on wondering how i havent given up completely - getting paid not very much but i have to keep working on little things, like drawings in my sketch book for my project for my new life - a new life where i will have thought about everything in the world so there is nothing left to think except for new things, new happy little things - where i can sit in my room eating noodles and feel so fast but yet so relaxed ,doing and learning all the things i lovevevevev. Inviting my new friends back to my 'room' will be so exciting first time round possibly? Lets all sit on my bed and watch paris texus, hey? So dont let it stop you, you little punk - you stupid little devil, i've seeeeeeeeeen the drawing, on the back - it's hilaireous! It's funny how we all think the same.

Time to go, a customer is in the fitting room and she cant do the zip + i wanna read more and book tickets to spain asap before they go up and then at 3 i have to go see JOAN who will get the shock of her life when i show her the remainings of the plan. tea hee

good bye for now, farewell . Alice


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Part 2. Notting Hill

People catch my eye for all differant reasons. That day alot of new people caught my eye, it excited me. I felt as though my eye had got better. For a bit, my eye was ill - it isn't so much anymore, but i go through stages.

He was tall

relatively handsome

To see properly, you have to click

Monday, 4 May 2009

San Lorenzo.

St martins - Done.